Foreground and Background

I think the image at the top was an experimental shot. I could imagine that I liked the dark forest background and that I wanted to find out how the depth of field looks like if I focus on the plants. There is a small meadow in front of the forest. Nothing more to add, it’s not a special photo but I somehow like how the foreground is separated from the background. Continue reading Foreground and Background

Along The River

Here is a photo that I shot in May 2015, oh how time flies. The photo was shot one month after I got my first DSLR. At that time I pressed the shutter button like a crazy person, because all that was so new to me and I wanted try this camera, to learn how it works. However, I didn’t like the photo at first, but I started to edit it, to see if I can change that. Before you could barely differentiate between the green colors in the photo, but I changed it so that you can actually differentiate … Continue reading Along The River

A Little Bit More Color Please

I must say that I pretty much like autumn and winter, but at some point you will get enough of it. At the moment we have so much clouds, and rainy days, and everything appears grey. I starting to get the desire for spring and summer. I thought it’s time to upload one of the more colorful photos that I shot last summer, a verdurous meadow. I am ready for that time, I am starting to get depressed and tired, the grey colors I see every day are starting to affect my body and soul. As said, I like autumn … Continue reading A Little Bit More Color Please

My Blogging Concept And The Year 2015 In Review

So Many Raindrops If my blog would be a meadow, and my visitors raindrops, I’d say it rained a lot and the grass grew tall in 2015. My blog was viewed about 800,000 times in 2015 and I’d be surprised if the year 2014 wouldn’t have looked very similar with around 600,000 views. But when I look at the all-time statistics of 1,655,339 page loads, I am very surprised, because I started this blog as an outpost where I can drop some thoughts or where I can share some ideas or content I created, and the numbers are quite crunchy … Continue reading My Blogging Concept And The Year 2015 In Review