A Little Bit More Color Please

A Beautiful Meadow

I must say that I pretty much like autumn and winter, but at some point you will get enough of it. At the moment we have so much clouds, and rainy days, and everything appears grey. I starting to get the desire for spring and summer. I thought it’s time to upload one of the more colorful photos that I shot last summer, a verdurous meadow. I am ready for that time, I am starting to get depressed and tired, the grey colors I see every day are starting to affect my body and soul. As said, I like autumn and winter, but after a while you get enough of it, as much as you can get enough of summer if you are like me and can’t bear with hot weather periods for a long time. My inner clock likes each season for two months, maybe three, but then a season change is needed.

6 thoughts on “A Little Bit More Color Please

  1. Yes, I know that feeling. I am getting to the stage of too much summer as it has been unusally warm here this summer and I don’t enjoy heat for long periods. Having said that I hope the weather will not suddenly change to winter while I am on holiday because all the clothes I plan to take are for summer wear, Of course I will make sure I have something warm and something to keep rain off “just in case”. Long grey winters can be depressing too though mainly because of the lack of light I think. I am sure you know aout SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which is a real medical condition. I think many of us experience that to a greater or lesser extent. Never mind, spring (for you) and autumn (for me) are not far away.

    1. Yes, I think lack of light can make us “sick” because not enough Vitamin D can be produced in our body as I have read. I had to Google SAD, but it seems it’s the same disorder that we just call “winter depression” in Germany (funny, how this word combination works in English too), because that’s the German translated Wiki article of the SAD article. I think the winter depression is still very different to a real depression, but it’s probably called that way here because some symptoms are similar, like feeling tired, without energy, even if the symptoms of a winter depression are much softer, but they can be still annoying. In my case, I sometimes can not know if I suffer from seasonal affective disorder, or if my depression comes softly through again, but hiking works pretty well for me, even if the weather is not good, but this kind of activity helps me a lot not to drift into some kind of hole again. Anyway, I’d like to see some sunshine now 🙂 Well, as you said, season change is not far away 🙂 I hope you will enjoy your holidays, I know it’s not easy to plan to take all the important things with you.

      1. Hi Dennis, SAS is often called winter depression or winter blues here too although I don’t think people are as familair with it as you are in the north. Here in Tasmania we have longer winters and shorter winter day than the other states as we are further south so we do get those times when we can suffer from lack of vitamin D too. I guess that is why going for a walk even on a cold day helps. At least you are outside in natural light.

        1. We use the term winter blues too, of course it came from the English, but “blues” sounds so fancy that it became popular here too 🙂 Yes, you are right, I believe the smallest amount of natural light is better than no natural light. Also walking, moving the body, that is important too in winter, but a lot of people don’t do it often at that time, and I think that makes them feel worse. For me, both things are counter measures that can improve my mood 🙂

    1. Hehe, yea, it can get worse… but I guess I would prefer the reflective snow over overcast weather… but I remember your snow photos, that is indeed too much snow 😉

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