Wild Life: I Found Deer

Wild Deer In Germany

Today I found deer. I was walking along the highway and thought it was rather boring to see all the field and shrubberies on the side. But then in the distance on the field, I saw something, I did set my lens to 300mm because it could just be deer and I didn’t want to miss this chance. I took several photos, just to be sure that I have enough to choose from. The deer was still pretty far away, too far away for 300mm, but I cropped the photo with Lightroom, with quality loss, just to get closer, but the result is not too bad. Below is one uncropped image with 300mm, it was a herd of five roe deer…

Wild Life In Germany

They seemed to be curious but careful, they did let me take some photos until they disappeared in the protective shrubberies. Anyway, I am quite happy that I could take photos of wild life, I like deer and I am very happy that I found wild deer today. It’s not uncommon that you see them on the fields near the highways in Northern Germany, but it’s also not guaranteed, which means it is rather uncommon that you see them while you have your camera with you. I always wanted to take photos of them, I am happy that I could do this today.

4 thoughts on “Wild Life: I Found Deer

  1. Sometimes Garry or I spot deer from our bathroom windows (those are the windows which face the woods), but before I can get a camera up, they are gone. But we know they are there. Lots of tracks and they come and eat our flowers in the summer 🙂 Great shots! Lucky you.

    1. I hope you can take photos of them some day too, you seem to have a nice place to do so, but I agree, it’s difficult if the camera is not near you. Around the town where I am right now, there are lots of signs where it is explained that the area is full of deer, but it was the first time since over a month and a half that I got that chance, and I hiked a lot, they are shy I guess. I am probably here until March, I hope the weather will get better so that I can go hike again to maybe get another chance. 🙂

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