This Cute Forest Dweller Did Let Me Take A Photo

My uncle survived the much feared brain surgery in the hospital, the time after the surgery was a bit difficult due to several post-operative symptoms, but now there is progress every day and I hope this will continue. It was a busy time for us all, so that I didn’t want to update my blog. He is now back at home, and the doctors said it’s unlikely but he could still get some bad symptoms like epileptic seizures, and that’s why I am at his home again in Reinfeld, just to see how things go. I will be there for … Continue reading This Cute Forest Dweller Did Let Me Take A Photo

Deer In The Forest

I shot the two above yesterday in the morning during my hike through a forest. I saw deer but the first photos didn’t turn out well as I really didn’t expect to see them. But then I was more attentive, and around 10 minutes later I saw deer again, I shot the two photos you can see in this post. I think the photos are ok, I shot them at 300mm and cropped the first one a little bit. It’s really awesome if you find deer in the morning, it’s a nice experience and makes you enjoy the hike even … Continue reading Deer In The Forest

Wild Life: I Found Deer

Today I found deer. I was walking along the highway and thought it was rather boring to see all the field and shrubberies on the side. But then in the distance on the field, I saw something, I did set my lens to 300mm because it could just be deer and I didn’t want to miss this chance. I took several photos, just to be sure that I have enough to choose from. The deer was still pretty far away, too far away for 300mm, but I cropped the photo with Lightroom, with quality loss, just to get closer, but … Continue reading Wild Life: I Found Deer