Deer In The Forest

I shot the two above yesterday in the morning during my hike through a forest. I saw deer but the first photos didn’t turn out well as I really didn’t expect to see them. But then I was more attentive, and around 10 minutes later I saw deer again, I shot the two photos you can see in this post. I think the photos are ok, I shot them at 300mm and cropped the first one a little bit. It’s really awesome if you find deer in the morning, it’s a nice experience and makes you enjoy the hike even more. Nature is just beautiful, and if you can try to take wild life photos, it’s even better.

5 thoughts on “Deer In The Forest

  1. Dear Dennis, this is like a Christmas ornaments…or decor… so beautiful, so beautiful. I am glad he didn’t escape that you took his photographs. Thank you lucky man, love, nia

    1. In the second picture you see two of them… the second deer is hard to see in the shadow… I just noticed it at home, at first I thought too it would only be one 🙂

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