This Cute Forest Dweller Did Let Me Take A Photo

My uncle survived the much feared brain surgery in the hospital, the time after the surgery was a bit difficult due to several post-operative symptoms, but now there is progress every day and I hope this will continue. It was a busy time for us all, so that I didn’t want to update my blog. He is now back at home, and the doctors said it’s unlikely but he could still get some bad symptoms like epileptic seizures, and that’s why I am at his home again in Reinfeld, just to see how things go. I will be there for another two weeks, and after that we hopefully got an apartment for him in our city Lübeck to have him near us. There are still some things to sort out, but I don’t go into detail yet, I might write about it again in the future but I want to write about something else now.

Today I did hike again to refuel my energy, I went into one of the small forests again to see if I can take some photos. Been away from this place for some weeks, I noticed everything growed in that time, now the forest looks more green, that’s May and beautiful. I’ve been in the forest for five minutes and then I heard a rustling somewhere at the forest floor, and then I couldn’t trust my eyes, it was a small and cute mouse! I was sure as soon as I point my camera to the mouse, it would run away or hide in the beautiful green where it came from. I was wrong, this mouse came even a bit closer, almost as if it would ask for the photo…

Mouse in the forest

It’s not the greatest photo due to all the distracting stuff in the image, but anyway, I always like to take photos of wild animals, and you can’t have it perfect all the time, so that I am happy about the photo. I mean, this mouse was way too cute, and as you can see in the photo, the mouse was curious and it almost looks as if it thought “Hi there, want to take a photo of me?”, that was at least the funny thought I had when this happened, the mouse literally asked for the photo. So, I am glad to present you the first photo I shot of a wild mouse, all the other mice I uploaded in the past were pets. I never expected to take a photo of a wild mouse, because how would I do that, it would be a much bigger challenge to plan this, and that means I am glad about the coincidence.

9 thoughts on “This Cute Forest Dweller Did Let Me Take A Photo

    1. I am glad you like this cute mouse too, I was very happy that this cute thing did greet me when I walked into the forest 🙂 Also thanks about my Uncle, it was an incredible difficult time for us all, but I support him to get back on track, I wish him to get healthy 🙂

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