This Cute Forest Dweller Did Let Me Take A Photo

My uncle survived the much feared brain surgery in the hospital, the time after the surgery was a bit difficult due to several post-operative symptoms, but now there is progress every day and I hope this will continue. It was a busy time for us all, so that I didn’t want to update my blog. He is now back at home, and the doctors said it’s unlikely but he could still get some bad symptoms like epileptic seizures, and that’s why I am at his home again in Reinfeld, just to see how things go. I will be there for … Continue reading This Cute Forest Dweller Did Let Me Take A Photo

Mice Meeting

Above you can see two mice of my half-brother. We took the photo last summer when we did let them play on the lawn. We had to be very careful that they don’t run away. But even if they are fast runners, they were not that fast outside due to the fuzzy grass and probably also because they are not that experienced like a mouse that lives in this habitat. Anyway, that doesn’t mean that they didn’t try to check out the whole lawn. We had to be careful anyway. Continue reading Mice Meeting

Black Mouse Photo

My half-brother likes mouses and had several of them. When he presents them, I always have to take photos because they are so cute. I shot the photo above last summer. I really can’t await when I get better photography gear some day because the images would be more clear. Anyway, I think the photo is not too bad. Needs to be in my photo collection! Continue reading Black Mouse Photo

Mouse In The Grass

I love the image above. My mother shot the photo and it is the mouse of my half-brother. My mother has a big plant pot on the balcony full of grass. I think it´s the perfect place to shoot mice photos. She took the photo with her Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3 I think. I really like how the black and white mouse appears on the green grass background. It´s cute! Continue reading Mouse In The Grass

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

For the Weekly Photo Challenge with the motto “On Top” I come up with four images and a gallery. One of the images is very funny because it´s a mouse on the head of my mother’s husband. The other photos are about pigeons that I found outside. One pigeon sits on a sign and then there are two photos with two pigeons on a roof. Here you can see them… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

Black White Mouse Again

I think I posted already photos of the black white mouse some time ago but here is a new image. This is again the mouse of my half-brother. Pretty cute this tiny black white mouse. I still have some other photos for the future. I will upload them someday as I prefer to upload single images in case I would need the other photos for a future story, just to name one example. Continue reading Black White Mouse Again