How to Check the Total Amount of Your Country Provinces in Europa Universalis IV

In this small guide you will learn how to check the total amount of provinces you own in Europa Universalis IV. A friend asked me how he can find out the total amount of provinces he own in EU IV, and as the tooltip is quite hidden, I thought to write this small guide, because there might be other people with the same question. So, let’s take a look to find out how many provinces we own in the game…

EU4 - Total Amount of Country Provinces

As you can see in the screenshot above (click on the screenshot to enlarge the image), we need to open the economy screen in the game to find the total amount of our provinces. In the left bottom is a display that shows your country total development, I have placed a bright green frame and arrow there, and if you hover over the display, a tooltip will open where you can find out the amount of provinces you own in the game. In the screenshot, I was playing Great Britain and owned 97 provinces as you can see in the tooltip, and now that you know where to look, you can find your total amount of provinces as well!

That is all, it’s easy to find out, at least if you know where to take a look, but I agree, it’s quite hidden. I hope you liked the small guide, and if you are proud about your recent game, feel free drop some words in my comment section and tell me about your recently created empire in Europa Universalis IV. Have fun!


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