Musing About This And That – Part 4

It’s the time of artificial light. It’s almost the whole day dark, even at daytime because of the clouds. I do usually like this season but for some reason this time not so much, or I am just not ready for it yet. Since it’s colder and darker, I didn’t take any new photos outside. One of the reasons is that I am not very inspired at the moment to find new subjects, and the other reason is that I don’t have the right mood for this season. However, I think it’s sometimes good to make a break with something, … Continue reading Musing About This And That – Part 4

A Little Bit More Color Please

I must say that I pretty much like autumn and winter, but at some point you will get enough of it. At the moment we have so much clouds, and rainy days, and everything appears grey. I starting to get the desire for spring and summer. I thought it’s time to upload one of the more colorful photos that I shot last summer, a verdurous meadow. I am ready for that time, I am starting to get depressed and tired, the grey colors I see every day are starting to affect my body and soul. As said, I like autumn … Continue reading A Little Bit More Color Please