My Cat And The Chair

My cat likes the PC chair. It’s a leather PC chair that I have to protect with a wool blanket because it already got some scratches. Since there is a wool blanked on it, Shyna stopped to destroy the chair, because… you know, why would somebody want to destroy the own belongings? We were able to make an agreement. If I use the chair, it’s mine. If I don’t use the chair, it’s hers. So, whenever I am not on the PC, she is sleeping on the chair with the wool blanked. Sometimes there is an easy solution to solve … Continue reading My Cat And The Chair

Overly Attached Black Cat

I met this black cat just minutes later after I left my apartment to start my 14 miles hike. It’s usually not the kind of photo quality that I like to share, but it was still so dark that I had a hard time to take a good photo of this cat. I share it anyway, because… This black cat was a problem. It seems I am a magnet to cats once they spot me and I guess it has to do with the fact that they smell my cat Shyna. The last cat I met just came to me … Continue reading Overly Attached Black Cat