My Cat And The Chair

My cat likes the PC chair. It’s a leather PC chair that I have to protect with a wool blanket because it already got some scratches. Since there is a wool blanked on it, Shyna stopped to destroy the chair, because… you know, why would somebody want to destroy the own belongings? We were able to make an agreement. If I use the chair, it’s mine. If I don’t use the chair, it’s hers. So, whenever I am not on the PC, she is sleeping on the chair with the wool blanked. Sometimes there is an easy solution to solve … Continue reading My Cat And The Chair

Happy Places

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge comes with the theme “Happy Place”. I do not think that there is just one single place where I feel relaxed or happy, I know several happy places. My home acts as a safe haven where I can relax, where I can get creative, where I can mute problems, where I can feel happy most of the time. The same counts for the homes of family members, or the homes of close friends. But there is more than just that. I know happy zones outside as well, I do for example enjoy to hike, and … Continue reading Happy Places

Do You Listen Music While Doing The Housework?

I never thought that doing the housework would inspire me to write a blog post. Think again, it happened. First of all, the problem with the tension in the neck is less annoying today, and then I feel quite happy today and not sure why I am in such a good mood. Anyway, I felt a little bit bored after shopping and thought I clean my rooms and do some housework like washing the dishes, cleaning the floor and so. When I do this, I usually turn on my computer and YouTube to listen music. So, doing the housework doesn’t … Continue reading Do You Listen Music While Doing The Housework?

How my Cat says Good Morning

Above you can see my cat how she says good morning. Every morning she comes to me to greet me. She is very attached to me and it seems that she is happy about each beginning of a day. Each morning I have to stroke her ears and head and then I hear her meow. In the picture above you can see our morning ritual. 🙂 Continue reading How my Cat says Good Morning