Creepy Weather In Thuringia

Bad Weather In Thuringia

Here is a photo from last year. The photo is taken on a street in Thuringia and the weather was moody. I changed the photo to black and white because it made the photo appear even more creepy anyhow. I like that kind of mood of the photo and scene.

8 thoughts on “Creepy Weather In Thuringia

  1. I like your photo very much, eventhough I think the weather now is kind of creepy and mysterious as well. Some days ago I woke up at 6 and it was snowing out of the blue (at the end of march). As I didn’t feel like standing up I wanted to sleep, but as some noise appeared I woke up at 8.30 again and the snow was away, nothing left, only the sun was shining – but then, as I went out for a walk in the afternoon it was so windy and freezing cold, I couldn’t believe myself that the wheather could be so moody!

    1. I see we both are from Germany. Hallo! 🙂 Yes, we had it snowing in my city too. For a March, yes, unbelievable. I felt sick that day because the aggressive weather change. It’s as if you get a jetlag. I agree, it’s like four seasons in one day and very crazy. 😀

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