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Good Morning City

Random Morning Photo

Here is a photo that I shot early in the morning somewhere in my city. What I like about nights and mornings is that everything is so calm, due to the fact that just a tiny amount of people drive their cars through the streets. It’s not that I dislike daytime, but a calm morning or night is very relaxing, something I can enjoy.


  1. Hi Dennis!

    Just a few pointers if you’re interested to make your post a bit more idiomatic for English speakers.

    “anywhere”: is that supposed to mean “irgendwo”? If so, “somewhere” would be the correct translation. “anywhere” translates to “nirgends” in most cases, e.g. “I can’t find a decent supermarket anywhere”.

    “the people” is usually “das Volk”, so if you leave the “the” in front of people out, which says what I think you want to say: ” […] just a tiny amount of people drive their cars […]” (“nur eine kleine Anzahl von Menschen fährt mit dem Auto”).

    “chilling”: translates to “eiskalt, frostig”. Could use “chilled”, which is informal for “relaxed”, but I think maybe “relaxed” or “relaxing” would be quite fitting here.

    Landed on your blog because of your BF4 FPS Limit and user.cfg articles, great stuff!

    Grüße aus Hannover,


    • Hi sOja,

      Thanks a lot! I am always happy if people help me to improve! I did correct the article with your tips and wrote it down on a paper so that I can remember until I get this correct automatically in the future.

      Yes I meant “irgendwo”, although I know the street name I thought it wouldn’t make sense to write the name in the post, as it is just about the photography. I will use “somewhere” in the future.

      You tip with “the people” is a big one, I didn’t even know it would mean the “das volk”, I saw this now on and have to break this habit, I believe I did that a lot.

      About “chilled”, “relaxed”, that was a part where I actually was not sure what would fit better, initially I wanted to use “relaxed” but didn’t.

      Thanks again! And happy gaming in BF4!

      Grüße aus Lübeck 😉

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