Good Morning City

Random Morning Photo

Here is a photo that I shot early in the morning somewhere in my city. What I like about nights and mornings is that everything is so calm, due to the fact that just a tiny amount of people drive their cars through the streets. It’s not that I dislike daytime, but a calm morning or night is very relaxing, something I can enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning City

  1. Hi Dennis!

    Just a few pointers if you’re interested to make your post a bit more idiomatic for English speakers.

    “anywhere”: is that supposed to mean “irgendwo”? If so, “somewhere” would be the correct translation. “anywhere” translates to “nirgends” in most cases, e.g. “I can’t find a decent supermarket anywhere”.

    “the people” is usually “das Volk”, so if you leave the “the” in front of people out, which says what I think you want to say: ” […] just a tiny amount of people drive their cars […]” (“nur eine kleine Anzahl von Menschen fährt mit dem Auto”).

    “chilling”: translates to “eiskalt, frostig”. Could use “chilled”, which is informal for “relaxed”, but I think maybe “relaxed” or “relaxing” would be quite fitting here.

    Landed on your blog because of your BF4 FPS Limit and user.cfg articles, great stuff!

    Grüße aus Hannover,


    1. Hi sOja,

      Thanks a lot! I am always happy if people help me to improve! I did correct the article with your tips and wrote it down on a paper so that I can remember until I get this correct automatically in the future.

      Yes I meant “irgendwo”, although I know the street name I thought it wouldn’t make sense to write the name in the post, as it is just about the photography. I will use “somewhere” in the future.

      You tip with “the people” is a big one, I didn’t even know it would mean the “das volk”, I saw this now on and have to break this habit, I believe I did that a lot.

      About “chilled”, “relaxed”, that was a part where I actually was not sure what would fit better, initially I wanted to use “relaxed” but didn’t.

      Thanks again! And happy gaming in BF4!

      Grüße aus Lübeck 😉

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