Nature starts to reclaim this old Freight Depot


The nature starts to reclaim this old train freight depot in my hometown. Behind the depot there are still active and maintained railway lines for passenger traffic and freight. But the part on the photo seems to be abandoned.

In the moment I write this blog post, I got an idea. Some of you did read on my blog that I play guitar. It was always somewhat hard to find a room where you can play instruments with people or alone and that very loud. But in the moment I write this blog post and did watch at my photo again, I ask myself why I never came to the idea to find out who is responsible for that old train freight depot. I bet it´s the “Deutsche Bahn AG” (German Railway Company) and if they gave up this spot for some time then it should not be a problem to ask them to rent out one of the many halls for a very little fee.

Only question could be if they still have an active electricity supply there but I bet they have. I think they just closed the halls. I was member of several hobby music bands in the past and with one band we rented once a hall in the harbor area. It was a shabby area but without much residents around the area which made it perfect for a music band and we could play loud. A typical industrial complex. It was also an abandoned spot with closed halls and we found out who is responsible for the halls. We asked if we can play there and they did not demand much. We just paid a very little monthly tip for the coffee of the managers of that industry. And for our luck the electricity supply was still active. Thats why it might be the same for the complex on the photo above.

Right now I don’t know much people which I could ask to establish a music band but in fact I never searched for people because there was really often a problem to find a place where we can play music loud. This is my experience from the past with a few bands I played with. The band room was always the biggest problem to find in our city.

To funny that my own photos open my eye´s. I guess there are possibilities if you look closely. This blog post was not planned to be related about music. It just came in my mind right now that this photo has some more value then just being a photo. It gave me an idea for something I was always fight with. Where to hell could I find a place for a band if I would want to meet new people to make music together? With this blog post I found new possibilities.

Photography starts to be fun. It gives me ideas, photos get me started to think about this and that. It´s so much fun.

5 thoughts on “Nature starts to reclaim this old Freight Depot

  1. Hi Dennis, I like your idea. I’m not a professional photographer, but I do work with photographers and I benefit from that. I can give you a couple of tips on this photo. First off straighten your horizon line. Then add more contrast. Play with it a bit more, try it back and white. I’m not sure what editing software you are using? try adding clarity. Anyway, good ideas.

    1. Thank you Penny for the nice Tips. I added already a lot of contrast. But I like your tip with the horizont line. Its really true… the angel of the photo is really not straight. I had to shoot the photo through a big metal fence and was later sad about the result as well. This photo in black and white would be a nice idea too.

      Btw. for fast and simple editing I use irfanview. But I also do own and use Photoshop time by time for bigger changes.

      Thanks for your wonderful tips and ideas. 🙂

        1. I thought about a tripod. At the moment I dont own a tripod but I have seen already that they are not really expansive. I think this is really something great for the future 🙂 I noticed already on other blogs that you can do funny things with such a tripod. 🙂

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