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A Goat on a Field


We found this Goat on a Field outside of our Hometown in a Village. We noticed many more Animals so that I took some more Photos but as always I release them just time by time here on my Blog as I dislike Blogposts stuffed with Tons of Photos. I do usually prefer to post them Time by Time even if it took me much more Blogposts and Time. I bet I still upload Summer Photos when it is already Autumn *I do laugh now*.

I just noticed that I dont have Problems to fill 4gb of my Digital Camera Storage if I am outside a whole Day. Sure.. there are always a lot of Photos which I delete due to the bad Quality like “to bright”, “completely white Photos” and so on. But there are then still plenty of Photos I would like to share so that I really can´t and won´t upload them all at a Time to the Blog.

I do also separate them sometimes in Blogposts because I want to tell differend Storys for each Photo. I really dont have to tell you much about this Goat here on the Photo. I just like to take Photos of Animals and upload them to my Blog too. You can find Goats everywhere outside of the City but I guess it´s the same in your Countrys. I guess Goats are so common also in your Country Villages that it is really nothing special to philosophize about. 😀

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