A Cliff Coast in North Germany on the Baltic Sea


This is the “Brodtener Ufer” Cliff Coast in “Travemünde” North Germany on the Baltic Sea Coast. It is a beautiful Place but we took this Photo sadly with a Mobile Phone Camera. You can hike along the Cliff Coast but you must be pretty careful. We did stand already to close on the Cliff when we took the Photo but the Passage there is still not to high which doesn´t mean that you could´t be hurt if a Part of the Cliff would skid down. And this happened to some People. But there is a Part where the Cliff is located higher as on my Photo and there it can be pretty dangerous!

But if you wander carefully in this Area where the Cliff is located higher, then you will enjoy North German Nature in it´s full finery. I promise that I will visit the Place again to shoot some better Photos some day. It´s really a fine Place there on the Cliff Coast of the Baltic Sea. It´s really not a long Cliff Coast. I think there is more Cliff Coast on the North Sea then on the Baltic Sea. I am not sure. At least in my Area where I do live, this short Cliff Coast Passage is pretty special. I really will go there to take some better Photos for you some day.


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