North German Scenery… Photo taken out of the driving Car…


This Photo was taken out of a driving Car. What you can see is typical North German Nature and Scenery if you leave one of the City´s like Lübeck. There are lots of Fields, mostly very small Forest Areas and indeed a lot of green Lowlands and Villages.

Some People might dislike it to drive many Minutes or an Hour but I sometimes really enjoy it as a Passanger. Some might think “Boring.. lot´s of Fields, lots of Trees and nothing else..” but I think this is our Nature and I really dont think it is boring. It´s like Tons of fine Paintings I can enjoy in Seconds. Each Meter you drive, it looks so differend. I simply dont see it as Fields and Trees only. The Scenery can really be differend each Meter you drive. It might be that you only can enjoy it if you like to notice the Nature. Or if you still have opened your Eye´s for Nature. I dont know.

There are Routes and Country Roads which we took many Times. It´s always cool in my Opinion. Weather and the Condition of Illumination for Example can change the whole Scenery. Nature is really an Artist. If I could paint Images, then I would paint these Fields and Trees a thousand Times as there is a lot of differend Scenery while others would just call it “Boring Fields and Trees”.

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