Route to Hamburg

Above is a photo that I shot in Reinfeld. These train tracks go from L├╝beck over Reinfeld where I shot the photo, to Hamburg and so on. And nope, I didn’t put myself in danger. I was standing on a barely used country road and the railway gates were opened, which means there was no train to be expected. On top of that I was extra careful, because people can pass this point and I didn’t stay much longer than a pedestrian would do. I like photos with leading lines, that make your eyes wander to a certain point in … Continue reading Route to Hamburg

Deutsche Bahn Train

I shot the photo above during my time in Reinfeld. It’s a Deutsche Bahn train. I am no train expert, but after my Google research I think the engine is a “BR 112” which probably means “Baureihe 112”. The sign “DB” is just the sign of the Deutsche Bahn, but I am not sure about the numbering. I think the “112” stands for the engine model as said, but I am not sure what the “177” is about. Also I am not sure about this, but I guess the engine is one of the older ones. But then again, don’t … Continue reading Deutsche Bahn Train

Nature starts to reclaim this old Freight Depot

The nature starts to reclaim this old train freight depot in my hometown. Behind the depot there are still active and maintained railway lines for passenger traffic and freight. But the part on the photo seems to be abandoned. In the moment I write this blog post, I got an idea. Some of you did read on my blog that I play guitar. It was always somewhat hard to find a room where you can play instruments with people or alone and that very loud. But in the moment I write this blog post and did watch at my photo … Continue reading Nature starts to reclaim this old Freight Depot