Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument


For the Monument Photo Challenge, I thought there would be no better subject in Lübeck than the Holstentor which is called Holsten Gate in english. I uploaded already a photo of the Holstentor some time ago for the photo challenge with the motto grand. But the gate fits yet again to the new challenge.

I could now write a huge story about the Holstentor that is a very old architecture but the article on Wikipedia is very nice and explains it all, in case you are interested in history of Lübeck or history of the Holsten Gate.

It was quite funny that our city rickshaw did park on the left side in front of my camera, while I shot the photo. I also have one photo without the rickshaw but I decided to upload the image above, because you can see our town emblem on the rickshaw and that fits quite well to the image. The emblem of Lübeck is an eagle with a shield and the colors white on top and red on the bottom, as you can see on the back of the rickshaw. That´s why I decided that it fits well into the image.

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