What Are $19 Billions If Nobody Stays?

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This is somewhat interesting. Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion and people show their protest at least in Germany here. You could say that WhatsApp was the messenger here in Germany, the one and only really popular messenger. But only until Facebook bought it. There is something happening right now. I only can talk about my circles but there is not anyone who does not asks “Is there a WhatsApp alternative?”. Yes there is and the geeks in my circles did already decide where they will go next.

It´s Threema what people unified want to choose. According to their website, they do put security first with true end-to-end encryption and they state that even they as server operators have absolutely no way to read your messages. This sounds great however, it seems that people see this messenger as the one and only alternative.

I do not write this to advertise this messenger. I write this because this name came instantly up here in Germany after Facebook bought WhatsApp. You hear people speaking about alternative messengers and mostly you will here “I did download Threema, you too?”. But not only this, there are a lot of tech magazines mentioning this messenger as the one and only good alternative. So, will this be the next messenger hype? And what are $19 billions worth if nobody wants to use WhatsApp anymore? I mean, if we imagine that this will happen?

But the next big question, why do so many people dislike it that Facebook did buy WhatsApp? Talking about my German compatriots, I can tell you whats going on here. People are sick of Facebook since some time now. More and more people delete their Facebook accounts because they feel it is a data kraken and people expect that there can only be one reason for the $19 billion deal. Marc Zuckerberg and Facebook want more data and a messenger monopoly. But people want private sphere and more and more people take data protection very seriously.

That´s why people in Germany start a protest together and there are enough messenger alternatives. But it seems that Threema will make it´s round. Most of my friends bought Threema and I will do it too to check it out. Just because it seems that this messenger will be the next popular message tool. But let´s see.

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