A Video of a Guitar Song I was working on last Week.

I thought it´s time to share a Song I was working on the last Week. I sometimes just have an Idea of a Rythm and record it so that I can play a Guitar Solo over the whole Material then. Later on I make some Post Production and Mastering with Ableton Live. This is my own idea of a Song I had this week.

I love to improve playing Guitar Solos and the best way to do it is just record a Rythm and play a Solo over it until you are happy with the Result.

The Song was recorded and edited with Ableton Live and as VST I used Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 the Virtual Software Effect Processor with some customized Guitar Effects. For the Drums I used Superior Drummer. I also used the Ableton Live Fade to Grey Effect here and there in Post Production. I also recorded two seperat Videos while playing Rythm and later when I played the Solo, so that I was able to edit them with the Song together in Magix Video Deluxe 15.

I pretty much enjoy playing Guitar and I do so since many Years. It´s sometimes really so that I do get tons of Ideas I want to play on Guitar. IT´s like an Earworm of a Melody I need to try on Guitar, and then I just do it. That´s how Ideas are born. I can get pretty much inspired by anything. For me.. Music is defenetly Art I can enjoy. It´s about having fun and it´s relaxing. That´s my Philosophy. This Hobby entertains me so much.


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