Experimental Architecture Photo

I did spot a building that I found pretty interesting. Our city has a lot of old buildings and I like that a lot, but there are less modern buildings and when I find one, it’s special to me. I think that’s what I thought when I shot the photo you can see in this post. I liked it that there are large windows, especially because I noticed the reflections. I am a great fan of reflections, it’s just beautiful and sometimes even confusing. I stylized the image and I am happy with the result. What do you think? Continue reading Experimental Architecture Photo

I Got A New Haircut, It Was Time For A Change

When my mother was young, she did learn to cut hair but she didn´t work for a long time in this job. Anyway, my mother can still cut hairs but the hair trends changed over time which means my mother can´t cut the modern hair trends. She often did cut my hair or let me say she did cut my hair most of the time. Yesterday I asked her if she would cut my hair again and she answered “I need to go to the barber today too and you should think about a real modern haircut that I would … Continue reading I Got A New Haircut, It Was Time For A Change