I Got A New Haircut, It Was Time For A Change

When my mother was young, she did learn to cut hair but she didn´t work for a long time in this job. Anyway, my mother can still cut hairs but the hair trends changed over time which means my mother can´t cut the modern hair trends. She often did cut my hair or let me say she did cut my hair most of the time. Yesterday I asked her if she would cut my hair again and she answered “I need to go to the barber today too and you should think about a real modern haircut that I would not be able to cut!”. First I thought this would be a bad idea because this one haircut that my mother did, was actually not too bad. Anyway, I though why shouldn´t I try something new? We both went to the barber and got our hair cut. This is how my hair looks like now…

My New Modern Haircut

I really didn´t trust the barber but when she finished the work, I was really excited and thought “Wow, now that is fancy!”. The barber woman said that this would be a trend cut and that it would fit to my face. I like flexible haircuts and she said that this one would be pretty flexible and I could do a lot of things with it. I have seen a lot of people with this rumpled haircut and I often asked myself what kind of haircut it is. I told the barber and she showed me a book and I picked the style I meant, that´s how I got this haircut then.

When she was done, it took me some minutes to find out if I like this hairstyle on my head or if it fits to my face but then I started to like it. It fits so much better to my face that I even like the new photos of myself that my mother took later. The old haircut did bore me to hell, so that I didn´t like how I appeared on photos but now this change is quite cool. My mother can do some old standard cuts and it´s not too bad but she was right with the idea, that modern haircuts are much different and that I should let a modern barber work on my hair.

My mother and me had much fun and laughed a lot when we got our hair cut. It was so funny and sometimes there must be changes. This was a good idea of my mother. I guess she will have less work now as I probably will visit the modern barber again, but she already mentioned that she is quite happy about it, as it is exhausting to cut my hair (laughing). But yes, this is right, I am impatient and annoying because I often ask how long it will take until my hairs are ready.

The only problem is that I don´t get the hair right today as the barber styled my hair yesterday. It´s always the same, it looks totally different when I style my hair. I believe, I am too stupid to style the hair as the barber did. It´s difficult and I remember the barber said that I should work with the hair dryer and she gave me some other instructions but I still don´t get it right. Crazy anyhow but I won´t give up!

8 thoughts on “I Got A New Haircut, It Was Time For A Change

  1. I think the haircut is so cool; but dont worry i can’t style my hair the way they did at the saloon lol i think that is all the stuff that they use to style it. I love changes too i cut my hair shorter so long ago but i will never do it again i love long hair and i am letting it growing now 🙂

    1. It´s just sad, isn´t it? They do it so great in the saloon and and next day, we don´t get the hair as they did lol. 😀 It´s funny. I agree with you… it´s fun to experiment but yes, not everything fits, so that we must find what we like 🙂

  2. You are probably trying to comb it or work it down too much. Try this: spray lightly with hair spray then wet your hands in cold water and stick your open fingers into your hair, close to the scalp, lift it all up and then let fall as it will do naturally. It may not be exactly as the hair dresser did it but it will be modern alright. You can then lift up a back flip, and maybe flatten the sides a little, always with your fingers open, do not use a brush or a comb. Then shake your head around and see if you like it. If you like it spray it again to keep it that way. NO, I am not a hairdresser ! this is just simple common sense to reach the ‘ordered disorder’ that is now in vogue. … Let me know!

    1. Yes I believe I worked it down too much with the hair gel. I maybe must use less styling gel.Or even rather hair spray as you said. The hair dressser did use any hair cream or hair wax and spray, I believe.

      Next time I will be more attentive when she will instruct me again. But I remember that she also said that I should use my open fingers but no comb. She also said to get the bangs this way, I need to watch down to the ground and blow-dry up in my direction. 😀 It´s really rocket science. But the sides are really easy to do.

      Anyway, today it looks more similar and maybe I just need practice and accustoming. I can practice each morning and I guess I will come close to the results soon, I hope 😀
      Thanks for additional tips. 🙂

      1. It does not matter if you duplicate her look exactly, you can be creative and even vary from time to time ! send pictures!!

      2. I must say that I really liked this messy and rumpled look as it was like from the hair dresser book she gave me. I still try to duplicate the look 😀 But you are right… it´s quite flexible so that I noticed you can style it in different ways, that are more easy. 🙂

    1. Hey thank you. I’ve never been in England, sadly. Who knows, maybe I am some day in London, if that ever happens, I let you work with my hair 🙂

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