Wound Healing Equipment For The Cat

Two weeks ago I had to visit the vet because I noticed that my cat Shyna had several smaller crusty wounds on the back. I maybe wouldn’t even have noticed it, the only reason why I noticed it was that there was also no fur. I was afraid she could have flees, biting lice or mites. I got the idea because my mother and her husband have a chicken coop in the garden that I entered a few times the week before. The evening when I noticed her problem, I researched on Google and thought it could also be an … Continue reading Wound Healing Equipment For The Cat

I Got A New Haircut, It Was Time For A Change

When my mother was young, she did learn to cut hair but she didn´t work for a long time in this job. Anyway, my mother can still cut hairs but the hair trends changed over time which means my mother can´t cut the modern hair trends. She often did cut my hair or let me say she did cut my hair most of the time. Yesterday I asked her if she would cut my hair again and she answered “I need to go to the barber today too and you should think about a real modern haircut that I would … Continue reading I Got A New Haircut, It Was Time For A Change

Flower Stuck In The Hair

My little cousin, she is cute. As often mentioned, my grandma and grandpa have a place on a camp ground in Salem but my uncle has a place there in the nature too with my aunt and their kids. So, when we arrived in Salem to visit them and to enjoy a canoe tour on the last weekend, my little cousin came to me and said “You are in the nature now, which means you need a flower in your hair!”. I thought she is right and said “Well, give me some flower power!” and all laughed. She did grab … Continue reading Flower Stuck In The Hair

Couch Cat

Shyna likes this place. It´s my couch and she lies there often on the backrest in the evening as I am on the couch then sometimes too. I think it´s because she can watch down to me when I do lie on my couch as well. She really likes to be near me. In the case of the couch, it is really sometimes a problem as I have to remove all the hairs and this is not easy. I do often comb her hair but she loses some anyway. Continue reading Couch Cat

A Cat, A Couch and all the Hair.

I like to take Photos and Videos of my Cat. I do it again and again because I like her so much. These two new Photos are made when she was relaxing on the Couch. She is allowed to do that but you see on the first Photo, it´s sometimes indeed a real mess with all the Cathairs on the Couch then. But well thats normal if you have a Cat. I often have to clean the Couch but it´s difficult to remove the Hair. I must do crew out her Hair each day because then she does not lose … Continue reading A Cat, A Couch and all the Hair.