I Did Order Birthday Gifts Online For My Mother

I had still some money left over on my PayPal account and my mother will celebrate birthday on June 12. I am usually not so creative when it comes to birthday gifts but I know that my mother likes different kind of perfumes and I also know what kind of perfumes. I opened the Douglas website and found out that they allow to check out with PayPal.

I did put four different perfumes in the shopping basket. The eau de toilette called Maroussia by Slava Zaitsev, the eau de parfum called Miro Soleil, Thierry Mugler Angel and Jil Sander Sun. It´s actually quite funny that they will even wrap it with fancy paper and you can add and write a greeting card for free. I really like it and had to make use of this option! I wrote a small but funny poem and I guess she will like it.

So, I really think that this will be cool. I am already nosy how she will react. I´m pretty much proud about my small poem and hope to see her laughing when she reads it. But let´s see, it´s still some time until then.

5 thoughts on “I Did Order Birthday Gifts Online For My Mother

    1. I am already nosy 🙂 The good thing is, another day I heard her groan that she wants to get new perfume next month when she get´s new money. It´s good because her birthday is earlier so that she can save her money next month 🙂

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