Mom´s Birthday And The Family Meet Up

Yesterday on June 12, the whole family celebrated the birthday of my mother. My mom invited us all and she made cake. We call this “Kaffee und Kuchen” in Germany and it means “Coffee and Cake” because that´s what it is about. Meet each other, drinking coffee and eating cake, while it doesn´t mean that you have to drink coffee. Meetings like this one are just called this way here.

My mother had tasty cake on the table that she made. We all enjoyed it. It was one big banana mandarin cake and one kiwi peach cake and cream that we all put over it. Here are some snapshots of the tasty cakes…

Mom got a lot of presents and she was pretty happy. Also about my poem that I wrote and my gifts that I mentioned.

Later in the evening we decided to have a barbecue and we did put some meat on the grill. We also had potato salad. I think we all had a very nice time together and I saw that my mother enjoyed the day. She smiled all the day and I really like that. It might be that we celebrate her birthday a second time tomorrow but this time in the nature. We plan to drive to Salem, in case the weather is on our side.

4 thoughts on “Mom´s Birthday And The Family Meet Up

    1. That is pretty cool Diana. Did they teach you both German? Good that your mother makes good cakes. Then you can always enjoy this delicious stuff too 🙂

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