The mess does not get fixed in Battlefield 4…

To be honest, Battlefield 4 is a great game but technically it is a buggy piece of software that has been rushed out by a money-hungry publisher called Electronic Arts. A little bit more time and the developer DICE would have been able to create a really amazing and technically perfect game. But it didn´t happen as EA wanted to publish the game before Activision´s Call of Duty Ghosts.

The problem is not that we all here bought a game with bugs. Many game releases come with some bugs as the mass of players get the hands on it to find hidden bugs and the issues will be fixed soon. The problem is that we bought the game for $80 or even $150 with premium and that the game is completely unplayable and unfinished. It is another league and most of the time companies who cheat this way, would be called scammer. Yes this is my opinion… Battlefield 4 is a huge scam by EA and many players have been taken in. As said we talk about an unfinished $80 to $150 product here.

Friends and me showed patience but now after some weeks we gave up. We do not trust in BF4 anymore. There were too many errors, bugs and technical problems. Constant crashes, disconnects and shitty netcode lag just to mention a few problems that annoyed us and still annoy us all.

But now it is like it is. EA has taken our money and now they assume that we wait until they fix the mess of this game. When will it happen? Many patches have been published and it gets even worse. Should we still wait? Playing a beta or alpha test with costs? The answer is short… we won´t.

Seven friends and me decided that this game is still unplayable and that it makes no sense to hope that it will change soon. It´s a mess and a real scam.
Like a friend said “Fuck you EA, fuck you and your shareholders”. I just can agree. The whole gaming industry has become a complete joke. Creativity and creating great games does not count anymore. Only greed does still count. That is the only result we can see here. It´s not about the game or player anymore, it is about money and stocks and we are the cow which becomes milked. That is hardcore capitalism that produces this kind of crap software.

No wonder that EA got the “worst company of america” award several times in a row. EA you earned the award, really. If seven of seven players in my clique gave up on Battlefield 4, I wonder how many players gave up on this garbage game globally. I guess a lot.

So let´s see how long it will take until game is finally playable. At the moment, we all waited enough. If there is one company that I wish would go bankrupt, then it is Electronic Arts. It would really make room for more creative and trustful heads.

3 thoughts on “The mess does not get fixed in Battlefield 4…

  1. How does EA going bankrupt lead to more creative games?
    Digital distribution and accessible creative tools have helped give us more imaginative games and direct communication with the small teams who make them than ever before.
    While I agree that we’re seeing more high profile games with major issues (and not just from EA), I don’t agree with your assertion that the collapse of a large gaming company will solve the issue.

    1. I think I did wrote it up little bit drastic as there are now also a lot of feelings in the text after talking with my friends on our teamspeak server about BF4 and the current issues.
      We said that if a small local business would do the same with the own customers, the company would be replaced by a better one soon. It happened several times. Maybe I should have written it on this way.

      You are right if you say that the issue is not only EA related. But I think it is pretty much about the +aaa titles. Some trademarks have a huge name and it seems that publishers know “it will sell”. I sure see also innovation. That´s why I stated that the game is actually not so bad if it would not have been released with such big technically problems. It makes and least me and my friends mad and a lot of other guys in the web. The game would have been so great if DICE had more time to develope it.

      You are probably right, the collapse of a major gaming company wont solve the problem. I think this part on the text was my raging. But there is still my wish that someday there will be a better publisher. I play games since 20 years now and for me it looks like some things go down the hill. It´s a great hobby and it makes me sad to see how some games get published today.

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