Creativity, Screen Time And The Cat Photo

Computer Cat

I was doing a lot of stuff online over the last days because the weather was bad again. I actually thought I would write an article about what I did on the computer over the days because I discovered some cool thing and had a lot of fun online. I had some mixed stuff in my mind and thought I could write Part 3 of my Musing About This And That article series. The photo above would have been a nice fit for the article because this time it would have been all about screen time, and you see, cats sometimes like screen time as much as we humans. So, I started to write my article to share what I did over the last days…

But then, my spontaneously written article magically turned into a review about a science fiction TV show called The Expanse (laugh). I assume, you don’t plan all of your articles either or? Do you know what I mean? Sometimes you have one, two or three ideas that you want to put into one article, but you notice that you can write a lot more about one of the subjects you wanted to cover, and the whole article turns into something different. I usually call this free writing or creative writing, or is there another name for it? However, the cat photo above was not needed anymore for the article, which is why I share it now. But if you are into science fiction, I suggest to read my The Expanse Review article anyway.

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