Looks Like I Found A More Serious Science Fiction TV Series Called “The Expanse”

The Expanse Screenshot

I kept myself a bit busy over the last days. I started to watch a TV series online, it’s a science fiction series called “The Expanse”, and holy moly is this an awesome science fiction series. I binge watched through half of the first season in no time, and I probably will finish the other half of the first episode today. I’ve always been a fan of science fiction, but I have big issues with the ever-increasing amount of cliché, kitch or esoteric trash elements in science fiction, but this series looks a bit different and more serious.

Yes, I know, it’s called science fiction for a reason, but how can I explain what I mean? I really wondered why there is no science fiction produced with a bit more serious or half-realistic approach. Will we colonize or even terraform the Mars in the future? It might be science fiction now, but it’s very imaginable that it will happen. Movies or series that deal with imaginable scenarios, with less fantasy, that is the type of science fiction I would like to see more often. I got “The Expanse” suggested because previously I thought it would be hard to find a more serious science fiction series. The very first minutes in the first episode made it clear that my long-held wish became reality here and now. Of course I don’t want to spoil the series too much, but in the first episode you learn about the main plot right away with an intro text anyway. So, I will explain what the main plot is about, the stuff that is already revealed at the beginning:

In the 23rd Century, humanity colonized parts of the Solar System, including the Mars and the Moon. Apart from that there are many other colonies and space stations. The Earth is overpopulated with 31 billion humans and the United Nations became the world government and controls the Moon and a couple of other stations. The Mars became independent under the name Martian Congressional Republic and got considerable military potential. There are political frictions and the status quo. Both the Earth and Mars depend on resources from the asteroid belt. The so-called “Belter” mine resources under worst conditions, which led to the formation of a resistance group called the Outer Planets Alliance (OPA) that wants to act against the Mars and Earth. The United Nations fights the OPA with all available means, and executives work to prevent war between Earth and Mars. However, escalation between the three faction seems to be just a matter of time.

This is the type of science fiction setting that is so rare these days. I got so sick of the esoteric science fiction bullshit that was produced over the last years, so that “The Expanse” is basically like a long-awaited present for me. Yeah, I am just half-through the first episode at the moment, but what I saw so far really blew my mind. It’s so serious, not the childish and idiotic type of science fiction that is totally trendy now. I mean how does science fiction look like today? When I said esoteric, I meant plots like “This one born magical child is the guaranty that humanity survives [insert astronomic catastrophe]”, or “Humanity has to deal with an astronomic catastrophe but finds [insert esoteric solution] in the last minute and survives”. Not to forget that a couple and love can prevent any catastrophes too. And just in case the movie is about a tech advanced alien race that wants to invade our earth, we thankfully have the United States that fights them back with F-16 fighter squadrons (laugh). That’s the type of utter trash in science fiction that I can’t see anymore, and I am glad if something more serious is produced.

By the way, “The Expanse” is based on a series of novels by the authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (both write under the pseudonym James S. A. Corey) according to Wikipedia. I am not really much of a bookworm, but this story could be interesting for me and maybe I will look into the novels some day. If you just want to see the TV series, you can find it on Netflix for example where you could create a trial account if you don’t know if you want to subscribe. But of course, there might be other ways to watch it.

14 thoughts on “Looks Like I Found A More Serious Science Fiction TV Series Called “The Expanse”

    1. I just discovered it days ago too… really meets my taste. I was skeptical, because recently I didn’t like the latest science fiction movies, games or series. But this series looks good. I like that the story deals more with the possibility of what could be in 200 years from now. Like Mars colonization and everything that could happen in this area. I suggested this series to a friend too, he watched episode 1 and was wondering too why he discovered it so late lol. Take a look, of course it’s always a matter of taste, but I have no issues to suggest “The Expand”… I was positively surprised 🙂

  1. I had not heard of this program either and it sounds more like something I would like. I do enjoy science fiction but agree with your comments on most modern SF programs. Reading your outline of The Expanse it reminded me somewhat of some of the older Isaac Asimov short stories about Earth and its colonies. I will have to see if it is on Australian Netflix, we don’t get all the same shows as the US Netflix. Is this a US, British or European show?

    1. Same here, looks like the US Netflix does already have the second season in the program, but the German Netflix only the first season. Looks like I need to wait watching the second season or trying to find a workaround to watch it on US Netflix in English. According to Wikipedia, the shows comes from the American (NBC owned) channel called Syfy. So, looks like this is made in the US.

      1. I browsed Netflix last night and it looks as though it might be available here although my tablet was being contrary and would not let me preview it. I’ll try again later using the media player.

  2. James Corey is pseudonymous for a pair of authors, not a single author. It is the first show that can truly call itself ‘science’ w/o falling headlong into the fantasy trap that most SF finds itself these days. It is, and I have long experience, the best hard SF TV series ever broadcast. Everything else has been too schlock, too much fantasy, too much double talk. Star Trek after the original series like bullshit. Where crews run into the same problems week after week. They repeatedly utter meaningless words. They have evonomic systems that have no hope of surviving.

    The Expanse, other than a few physics errors (fluid mechanics issues of maintaining an erection in zero-g as depicted in episode 1, season 1,) is pretty outstanding. As season 1 began I read the the 5 volume series and am about to start the sixth. There are about 6 other novellas and short stories that give background. Like the origin of the Epstein drive anf Fred Johnson’s moniker as ‘The Butcher of Anderson Station.’

    If you are interested in Star Trek economics, I have an article on my website, ScienceViaMarkets.com.

    1. Yes exactly… that was my issue. It’s sometimes fun to see science fiction that is really based on too much fantasy… but I really wishes there would be something with a more imaginable setting, and that’s where The Expanse really met my taste. The day I wrote my post, I actually wanted to watch the other half of the first episode but then other things kepts me busy over the last days. But I can’t await to watch through it the next days. It’s just sad that I have to wait for the German version of the Season 2. I believe I will take a look at the novels too, as said, I am not a real bookworm, but that can change at times when I really find a novel or book that I am really interested in. I think that is the case here, but first I will go through the other half of the first season 🙂

        1. That’s cool. By the way, I just went through the last five episodes of season one today after I answered your other comment. I am still blown away. I wouldn’t know where to start with the hymn of praise… of course some issues are there too, but overall, this totally met my taste. Can’t await to watch through the future seasons when the German versions are listed.

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