Town in Thuringia

Here is a snapshot taken while driving through Thuringia. The snapshot was taken in 2011, that was the year I started my blog as you can see in my yearly archieves. How time flies. I am already blogging 9 years on this domain, it’s crazy when I think about it. Talking about the snapshot again, it’s not the best photo but also not one I want to delete and my blog is a great place to store photos. Continue reading Town in Thuringia

Village in Thuringia

I went through the folders of point and shoot or smartphone images today and found the photo above. This was shot in a small village of Thuringia in 2011. The husband of my mother has family there. Sadly, his mother and father died a while ago, but his brother is still living there. I thought you might like the photo. I really don’t want to forget the old photos, which is why I upload older ones once in a while too, and many of them have either been shot with a smartphone or point-and-shoot camera as said. Continue reading Village in Thuringia

First The Bad Change, Then The Good Change

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge is about change. When I think about changes, a lot would come to my mind, but then I found a photo in my folders that I shot last year, it’s a photo about two big changes, the divided Germany, and also the German reunification. I will show you remaining pieces of the wall that divided East and West Germany. I shot the photo somewhere between the federal states Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, not far away from our city Lübeck that was on west side of the border, but pretty close to it. As our city was … Continue reading First The Bad Change, Then The Good Change

Snapshot: Abandoned Building In Wismar

This is a snapshot taken with the smartphone on a car trip in Wismar, a city in Eastern Germany. I like abandoned buildings, this would be a nice place to take lots of texture photos with the DSLR camera, or usual abandoned architecture photos. I like urban photography and abandoned stuff. We have some abandoned buildings in Lübeck too, I did already visit some places to take photos, I just didn’t have the time yet to choose the best urban photos, to edit them and to upload them to my blog, but I will do that as I like photos … Continue reading Snapshot: Abandoned Building In Wismar

German History,… Going Through The Forest With Friends,…

My friends and me live in Lübeck as I often wrote. Today was one of the hot summer days and it was so hot in my apartment. The apartment was totally warmed up and I thought it might be hot outside too but there will be more air than in my apartment. I called two friends by phone and asked if they would like to meet each other. One of my friends lives directly near the city and me too but the other friend lives more outside of Lübeck. Our city is in the most northern German federal state called … Continue reading German History,… Going Through The Forest With Friends,…

Grilled Wienerwürstchen

Above you can see a sausage that we call “Wiener Würstchen” here in Germany and I think the English name is “Vienna sausage”. You can eat this sausage raw but usually people boil it and this is tasty too. But even as a German, it was new to me that some Germans do actually grill this sausage. The husband of my mother was born in East Germany and he told me that they usually did grill the “Wiener Würstchen”. I didn´t know how it would taste like but he is right, it´s fantastic and delicious too if it´s grilled. If … Continue reading Grilled Wienerwürstchen