Grilled Wienerwürstchen

Grilled Wienerwürstchen

Above you can see a sausage that we call “Wiener Würstchen” here in Germany and I think the English name is “Vienna sausage”. You can eat this sausage raw but usually people boil it and this is tasty too. But even as a German, it was new to me that some Germans do actually grill this sausage. The husband of my mother was born in East Germany and he told me that they usually did grill the “Wiener Würstchen”. I didn´t know how it would taste like but he is right, it´s fantastic and delicious too if it´s grilled. If you love sausage, you might check out my other sausage photos and articles.

4 thoughts on “Grilled Wienerwürstchen

  1. In the US those are called ‘frankfurters’ – or more commonly Hot Dogs. Also, but rarely, wieners. They are broiled, baked until warm, or boiled. Eaten in a long bread bun with mustard sauce, shredded cucumbers pickled sweet, ketchup, coleslaw, and other things. My favorites were ‘with chili con carne’, but my stomach can hardly handle that any more! The original German ones taste better. The most famous hot dogs of America were/are served on Coney Island.
    Maybe Vienna sausage is the British term, known here but not used.

    1. It´s interesting to hear how they are called elsewhere. We use them in Hot Dogs too but then usually boiled. I´m a big fan of hot dogs by the way. US hot dogs are very famous here too but it might be that we make them a little bit different. But we also use mustard, cucumbers and ketchup. We use dried onions but I never saw a hot dog with coleslaw. I think German hot dogs are always the same but it seems that you have much more hot dog variants over there. I believe I would try them all! 🙂

      1. Hot dogs are all the same. Some brands are made better than others. It is the garnish that goes to extremes … including onions, cooked or raw, of course. I used to like them with chili garnish, Mexican style.

      2. I did understand this 🙂 Yes, thats what I meant when I said German hot dogs are all the same. There is just this one style of garnish here. After reading your comments, it seems that you are much more creative over there. We don´t put so much different things on our hot dogs. Looks like a gap in the market here. I had a similar discussion on the social website Reddit… some US users told me that there are many kind of crisps (chips) over there in the USA. Here in Germany they are usually spiced with paprika and I know also onion crisps but that´s all. A user on Reddit told me they have much more different styles over there. It´s interesting.

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