Town in Thuringia

Town in Thuringia

Here is a snapshot taken while driving through Thuringia. The snapshot was taken in 2011, that was the year I started my blog as you can see in my yearly archieves. How time flies. I am already blogging 9 years on this domain, it’s crazy when I think about it. Talking about the snapshot again, it’s not the best photo but also not one I want to delete and my blog is a great place to store photos.

8 thoughts on “Town in Thuringia

        1. I’ve read an article about that two months ago. They wrote it has also to do with the fact that everything is new when you’re young… you go to school, you get your first girlfriend, later you learn a job and you get hired. So many things that happen. Constantly new experiences that make time appear a lot longer. The older you get, the less new things happen… we’re then basically settled somewhere. They mentioned some things that have been studied about this but I can’t remember what it was about…. I just take it as it is, time flies when you get older, and yes, so many people would agree (my friends also experience it that way).

        2. That’s why regular holidays to interesting places and novel experiences make time slow just a little. It’s the repetition that’s the killer@!

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