Fried Potatoes with Fried Eggs and a Green Beans Cream Sauce

I am cooking every day now as I rediscovered the benefits. Some days ago, I made fried potatoes with fried eggs and somehow I wanted to eat green beans too. Apart from many other sauces, I had this delicious cream sauce in my kitchen cupboard. I wondered if it would taste good if I just through the green beans into the sauce and did that. Damn, I remembered that my mother once did the same and I just rediscovered how fantastic this combination is. So, I ended up with a meal that I would call “Fried potatoes with fried eggs … Continue reading Fried Potatoes with Fried Eggs and a Green Beans Cream Sauce

Chinese Buffet

Like a month ago, I went into a Chinese Mongolian restaurant again. We decided for the buffet again. I didn’t photograph my first plate as I was hungry and as I filled it diversely to the point that it looked like a mess. But I made more efforts with my second plate and made it look good. I decided for curry rice, a delicious sauce with onions, paprika and string beans and I think it was turkey meat. And mushrooms! I can’t tell you how much I like mushrooms. We sat there for 3 hours again and had a fun … Continue reading Chinese Buffet

Potatoes, Cucumber, String Beans And Fried Eggs

The dish above is also quite tasty. Potatoes, cucumbers, string beans and fried eggs. Again cooked by the husband of my mother. I think I should convince him of creating a blog about German dishes. But he is grown up in East Germany which means he can´t speak English as he learned Russian back at that time. Anyway, he could write the recipes and I could shoot the photos and translate the recipes to english. I am not sure how much people would like to learn cooking German dishes but it could be a blog with a good purpose. I … Continue reading Potatoes, Cucumber, String Beans And Fried Eggs

The Recolored Mini Plate With Potatoes, Beans And Bacon

One thing that I love about Photoshop, is that I can color things with the tool. I really love this activity and I sometimes do this when I am bored. The results are not always perfect but it´s really funny and entertaining and I am not exactly sure why. I think it´s because it´s interesting to see how things appear in different colors and it is also fun to boost or brighten colors. I think that´s what I like about it. Here is one photo I boosted or recolored today… The original photo is this one… I didn´t like the … Continue reading The Recolored Mini Plate With Potatoes, Beans And Bacon

Not every frozen dinner is bad…

Today I bought a frozen meal in one of the local groceries. And I must say it was pretty delicious for a frozen dish. I roasted it 15 minutes in the pan and when it was ready, it looked already pretty tasty. But after the first bits, I decided that it is actually very yummy. It´s called steak house pan and the ingredients were mini steaks, beans, corn and potato pieces. Here is a photo of the meal… Continue reading Not every frozen dinner is bad…