The Recolored Mini Plate With Potatoes, Beans And Bacon

One thing that I love about Photoshop, is that I can color things with the tool. I really love this activity and I sometimes do this when I am bored. The results are not always perfect but it´s really funny and entertaining and I am not exactly sure why. I think it´s because it´s interesting to see how things appear in different colors and it is also fun to boost or brighten colors. I think that´s what I like about it. Here is one photo I boosted or recolored today…

Mini Plate In New Colors

The original photo is this one…

Mini Plate

I didn´t like the original because the photo and the colors had no appeal. The dish is by the way potatoes with green beans and bacon. The husband of my mother did cook it and as joke I got this mini plate and said “You eat too often here, now it will be frugal” but it was just a joke. But pretty funny!

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