It´s Been A While… Now A Daisy Photo Again!

Daisy Photo

I think I have already several daisy photos uploaded to my blog but I like the appearance of the daisy flower and I never can have enough photos of them as they are so beautiful. I shot the photo above some days ago when I was walking outside. Well, it´s not very hard to find them as they are everywhere. The photo above is by the way very similar to this one, despite I shot them not in the same month.

2 thoughts on “It´s Been A While… Now A Daisy Photo Again!

  1. These pure things I love 😀 There’s only yellow daisy here. Sometimes when they grow too much, the people clear them by lawn mower, sometimes by herbicide. I used to cry a lot when looking they died in front of me but now it becomes normal. I guess “acceptance is the key to be free” 😀

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