Here is another shot with my 40mm lens. I already shot photos of daisies in the past, but I think it works much better with my 40mm lens now. It was a bit difficult to frame the shot but I don’t think the subjects always have to be completely in the frame. I liked the images as it came out of the camera, I just added a bit of clarity and sharpness. Apart from that I just made it a tiny bit brighter, that’s all. So far, the lens gave me some “good to go” images. Do you like the … Continue reading Daisies

Old Daisy Photo

I’d like to upload some of my older photos from time to time. When I say old, I mean photos in this case that I have taken before I purchased my first DSLR camera. I remember the time when my blog was just a year old and how I was totally amazed about my new 50 dollar Medion point and shoot camera, damn my English was much worse at that time. When I got my DSLR, I forgot about the folders full of photos taken with my previous camera. It’s too sad to forget about the old photos, I really … Continue reading Old Daisy Photo

Beautiful Daisy

As I mentioned in my recent post, it’s in quite a lot of cases impossible to get close-up shots of flowers with the Nikon 18-105mm kit lens, but that depends of course of the flower size. Walking near the Trave River, I found a daisy that was big enough so that I could focus well and got the shot you can see here in my post. This daisy was bigger than usual daisies, I was able to get this flower in focus, I can just forget to take photos of even smaller flowers. But for now this isn’t really a … Continue reading Beautiful Daisy

It´s Been A While… Now A Daisy Photo Again!

I think I have already several daisy photos uploaded to my blog but I like the appearance of the daisy flower and I never can have enough photos of them as they are so beautiful. I shot the photo above some days ago when I was walking outside. Well, it´s not very hard to find them as they are everywhere. The photo above is by the way very similar to this one, despite I shot them not in the same month. Continue reading It´s Been A While… Now A Daisy Photo Again!

The Fancy Daisy

I uploaded the photo above already to an older blogpost about a digital camera I bought last summer. You can find the original photo in the mentioned blogpost. But I was bored and edited a few older photos. I came across the daisy photo and liked how differend effects did appeal on the image. Well, above you see the result of the edited photo. I like the new edited image pretty much. It´s a fancy daisy now and I hope worth to show you… What do you think? Continue reading The Fancy Daisy