Chinese Buffet

Like a month ago, I went into a Chinese Mongolian restaurant again. We decided for the buffet again. I didn’t photograph my first plate as I was hungry and as I filled it diversely to the point that it looked like a mess. But I made more efforts with my second plate and made it look good. I decided for curry rice, a delicious sauce with onions, paprika and string beans and I think it was turkey meat. And mushrooms! I can’t tell you how much I like mushrooms.

chinese buffet

We sat there for 3 hours again and had a fun time talking about the latest happenings but also about our most recent problems and inspired each other with solutions and ideas. That’s what friends are for, you talk about the good stuff but also about the things you are worried about or things where you need other opinions. And in the end, no matter what you talk about, it just feels good to have friends you can talk with and whom you trust. I also like to just listen when someone else is worried about something or give my two cents. It was a great Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Chinese Buffet

        1. Yes, I am starting to like that too. I usually prefer eating at home because I can cook for much less money than I would spend in a restaurant… but having a good time with friends in a restaurant with nice food is a good experience.

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