Moderate January Night

lamps at night

So, I fell out of bed at 1 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep. I have no tasks later this day, so, I thought I could make use of the time and put on my running clothes. Previously I checked the temperatures and I couldn’t believe we have 12 °C. I put on the appropriate running clothes and went outside and while we have a bit of wind, it felt like running during a Spring or Autumn day but definitely not like running in a Winter night. While it’s fun to be able to run in January at night, it’s definitely concerning when you think about the climate. It’s really funky.

4 thoughts on “Moderate January Night

    1. Thanks 😎 Back then I would have had a frozen head if I would have decided to go running at night in January. But now you can do it with light clothes, it’s strange. I don’t often go running at night… today I just fell out of the bed with way too much energy and thought, why not? 😀

    1. It seems so. Not sure what the end of January or the February has to offer, but so far it doesn’t really look like it’s going to be cold. Maybe I am wrong, the weather is funky and can change fast nowadays.

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