Mom’s Potato Salad

moms potato salad

Potato salad is a very common dish in Germany as well. Once in a while, people like to prepare and eat a nice potato salad. I visited my mother during Christmas and at New Year’s Eve and in both cases she prepared potato salad with Bockwurst (a sausage variant). Every family prepares the potato salad in different ways but if you ask a person where you can get the best potato salad, he or she will most likely reply “If you visit my mother and or my grandma”.

20 thoughts on “Mom’s Potato Salad

    1. Currywurst is the best! You make a Northern German soul happy by just mentioning it 😀 Now I get hungry 😀 But I never ate Currywurst with Kartoffelsalat… here it’s usually served with french fries.

      1. The Kartoffelsalat version was, as I recall, more usual in the Palatinate region, thought the pommes frites combination with Currywurst certainly would be OK by me, too! Perhaps the different was the places i had it with Kartoffelsalat were temporary booths without deep fryers. I’m trying to recall food eaten in 1970-1972 (!), so can be mistaken, but it seem I usually had this treat at a Markt on Schillerplatz in Kaiserslautern. I liked going to this weekly market for fresh vegetables and fruit.

        1. No, you could be right. I don’t know. In other cases and different meals, there are local variations too. There are tons of different ways meals are prepared or served in Germany and it depends on where you are. When I was the first time in Berlin, I was baffled how small their Currywurst is and wondered why they slice them. The more often I was in Berlin, I just learned that’s how they serve it. Here in the North, our currywurst is 3 and sometimes 4 times longer, definitely not cut in slices but served as a whole. People like me from Schleswig-Holstein are very unhappy when they are in Berlin and want to eat a Currywurst 😀 It’s just an example… I discovered other differences with other meals in the past and there are probably thousands of examples I haven’t heard of since Germany is not exactly small and each place is different. 🙂

    1. If she was half German and half Hungarian, she probably made some nice blends of both cuisines…. I had a Hungarian girlfriend once and when I was invited to eat with her parents, the meals of her mother were extremely delicious and substantial dishes as the German ones. I especially liked her original Hungarian goulash… but this is already a very common dish in Germany for quite a while. A lot of things in Europe did blend… An example would be croissants from France. It’s the most common pastry you can find in Germany in breakfast. The only things that are eaten more than croissants are maybe buns of all sorts.

        1. Yes, you probably also saw Turkish kebab shops in many streets. They everywhere 🙂 Best price-performance food you can get. 😀 Less than 5 Euro and you get a huge kebab, a large bread filled with meat and fresh salad.

          Everybody eats them regularly. It’s one of the most popular meals in Germany. It makes you feel full almost an entire day and that for less than 5 Euro. And it’s not exactly unhealthy as it is packed with salad… but it has a lot of calories which make you come through the day 🙂

        2. Then you ate, what we call a Döner (or sometimes kebab). Did you like it? I can just speak of my city but when you know your favorite Döner shop, it’s extremely delicious.

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