Import and Export a bunch of specific Articles from one WordPress Blog to the other…

I still have a few other older blogs and last days I decided to export some good articles over to my main blog here. Mainly because the other blogs did not do well anymore anyway. And because there were a few articles which didn´t fit to the niches of the other blogs. But as I mentioned, the blog here is much broader so that many topics fit. And well, at least it is anyway my main blog where I want to have my greatest content.

But I had a bit of a problem. Exporting content of the own WordPress blog is very well documented. Importing content to a WordPress blog is very well documented too. But the main problem was that it seemed like it would be only possible to export either all content at once, articles from a particular category, posts of a specific author, content published in a certain time frame, post with a defined status, pages or feedback export. But I realized that not any method would work as I simply wanted to export some specific articles and they have been published in different categories and so.

I had to think of a solution for my problem and thought I still could make use of the category export function. I realized the only thing I would need to do is creating a new and non-existent category. So if you want to export several specific articles but not all at once, then you can do that too. First I created a category called “export1” (as said you can create any name as long as the category is not existing already on your older or new blog). I then opened every blog post I wanted to export and edited them all. I wiped out every category and tag of the articles and associated the new “export1” category to all of them.

Import and Export several Articles in WordPress

Now I just did need to open the exporter in the dashboard of WordPress to export all the articles associated to the new category. It´s simple. So, here is how to do it: You need to click on “tools” in the sidebar when you opened the dashboard of WordPress. Then you click on “export” and a new window appears where you again need to click on “export”. Then you just choose “posts”. Some more options will be available now and you now just need to choose the recently created category you did set up for the export of specific articles.

Now you will download the XML file where the content is stored in. Before you import it to another blog, my advice is that you delete the exported articles on the old blog first. I just say it as search engines like Google don´t really like duplicated content. I mean identical content published on two or more blogs. You want unique content published on just one of your blogs. Identical or cloned content could really hurt one or more of your involved blogs. So, do not forget to delete the exported articles on the old blog (No need to worry as you exported the content anyway and apart from that the deleted content will also be stored in the trash folder of your old blog).

When you are ready, then you just open up the blog where you want the content to be and go into the dashboard and click on “tools” in the sidebar. There you choose import and the system where you exported from. We talked in this case with the XML file about WordPress. You will be asked for the file we exported.

Finally after importing our articles to our main blog, we now can also use the category we created for the export, to find the imported articles. Here is the example how I was able to find my new export category: “yourdomain/category/export1”. Just replace “yourdomain” with your domain name or url of your blog. If you didn´t call your category “export1” then replace it with your category too. And then just load the URL with your browser. You will now find all the imported articles.

Again we want to edit them all as we wiped out all categories and tags. We want to connect the articles with the already existing categories of our new blog. We also want to think out new tags. If your articles has been written two or more years ago, then you might want to go through the text to see if you find any typos. The “proofread” function of WordPress is a big help. You maybe also will find out that your writing style has improved a lot until today. You now have the chance to adjust the content to your improved writing style, if you feel to do so.

If you are happy and if you applied all new categories and tags, then you can basically delete the “export1” category which we simply just created to manage the export of several particular blog posts. We won´t need this category anymore on our new blog. This category was only the help to export just some specific articles.

That is all you essentially need to know if you want to export and import a bunch of specific blog posts from one WordPress blog to the next. It sounds like a lot of work and confusing. But it isn´t. It is really simple and does not take too much time. Hope it helped.

3 thoughts on “Import and Export a bunch of specific Articles from one WordPress Blog to the other…

  1. Hi, thank you very much for this explanation. This is a very simple and useful way of exporting and importing! Iv’e been looking all over how to do this without getting too technical and this is by far the easiest way. Mainly I would use this to export/import a total of 10 posts when I need to update a site before uploading the new one. You have been great help to a small problem 🙂

    1. Hey Marcel. Thank´s for letting me know that it was helpful for you. It´s sometimes a little bit tricky but it is at least good that there are ways to export and import particular articles to another blog project. WIsh you much fun with your blogs and writing. 🙂

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