Writing in a Niche or Broad Blog?

The WordAds blog did write about niche and broad blogs and they say that both variants can work when we talk about blog traffic, readers and so. They do come to the conclusion “Ultimately, you should write about what you want to write about.” and I think that is so true as simple as it sounds.

My regular readers know that my blog is not a niche blog and that my blog (which I really called my diary) is broader and about various subjects in my interest. I noticed that my traffic comes mainly from search engines and fewer by followers or regular readers at least if I go through the total amount. That seems to be the opposite of what is mentioned in the article of WordAds. But I do still agree with many other points of the article over there. But let me write about my opinion when it comes to niche and broader blogs.

I do understand people who want to create or who maintain already a niche blog. I myself have much more fun to write about “this and that” and I dislike to limit myself within a subject as I really noticed that these borders of a niche blog always stopped me to work on my niche projects in the past, so that I even sold the domains of my older projects.

It´s like if I would want to write about anything while I notice “Wait, this does not fit into the niche of my blog”. I have so many interests that I would need several niche blogs. And this is why I just maintain one more general blog today.

I really agree with the conclusion of the article of the WordAds blog. Write about what you want to write about. I think if you want to focus on one or two different subjects most of the time, then two independent niche blogs would work really well. With just two focused subjects it would not hurt too much if you manage two different blogs. But if you have too many interests you want to write about, then it might be a better idea to put all your thoughts and work in just one broader blog because it is less time-consuming as you just need to log into one dashboard. As WordAds wrote… do what works in your opinion better for you.

One thing I can say is that a general blog does not have any disadvantages over a niche blog, when we talk about traffic. That there would be any disadvantages, that is in my opinion one of the rumors spread by many self-appointed search engine optimization experts. But based on my own experiments and experiences, this is simply wrong.

Traffic Stats until October 2013

Above you can see a screenshot of my blogs traffic. You notice that the blogs traffic is growing since 2011 until today. And I am not finished yet with blogging, if you know what I mean. I do not want to brag, I simply put this screenshot up for those who would like to write in a broad blog but didn´t start off as there are still concerns that it would be any harder to get meaningful traffic to the blog. Started with zero views, my blogs traffic increased so much over time that 13,015 views in September are the latest numbers. And October is not over yet but it looks already like the numbers will continue to grow. What I want to say… even with broad subjects on the blog, it seems to be possible to get traffic.

Logically, if you give up with 100 monthly views as you think it is not enough and takes too much work, you never will see the traffic above 10,000. Same for me… If I give up today, I logically won´t have the chance to see the numbers growing even more. It´s that simple. To be honest, we as bloggers want to see the numbers growing but on the other side, we should not take that all too serious.

The focus should always be fun. If you do not have fun, nothing will grow anyway. Do you believe in your own articles? If so, then you are on the right way. I believe in my articles but not only that, I also do believe that blogging is a funny hobby which is the reason why nothing stopped me yet. As I said, it was different with niche projects I had in the past. So, you must find out what works better for you. Niche or broad? I found out that a broad blog works better for me if I want to have fun.

This article here was mainly written to show you that there are also possibilities with a broader blog. At the end it is always about the content you write anyway. What high traffic means is for sure debatable. Right, 100 views are less than 10,000 while 100,000 is much more. Do I mean that my 13,015 views in September 2013 were much? No, I think and we all know there is much more possible.

Do I expect that the numbers of my blog will be much higher next year? Yes, because at the moment I´m not planning to stop writing content for my blog. And according to some comments and the traffic on my blog, it seems that other people came here and a few found it interesting as well. Can you imagine how much like-minded people ask Google things daily you find interesting too? You simply can´t find out if you stop writing after just 10 articles. If you want to make your thoughts public, just do it. A blog is the right tool to do so nevermind if you will write in a niche or broad subject.

I just want to quote the WordAds conclusion again as it fits so much: “Ultimately, you should write about what you want to write about. Let the traffic come to you, and let that traffic stay if it wants to.”. And let me add… Do not give up just because the number do not grow fast enough. They will, if you believe in your doings. And again, do not forget… it´s not only about the numbers, it must be fun. Do blog if it entertains you.

18 thoughts on “Writing in a Niche or Broad Blog?

  1. [ Smiles ] Dennis, my blog is not fitted into a niche; it deals with a wide spectrum of topics.

    Also, congratulations on the increased traffic to your blog!

    1. Thank you very much 🙂 Yes that´s it… if you deal with a too wide spectrum of topics then one broader blog fits very well. Great that you have fun too with a broad blog. In my case, roughly summarized I would need a blog for every niche like photography, nature and animals, computers and computer games, music and maybe even more… it would mean extra work and maybe even extra money if I want a domain for each niche. I then thought a broad blog would be much better in my case. Now it´s just that one blog where I put in everything and it works. In my opinion a broad blog is not inferior to a niche blog. Sure there are things like duration of stay, where niche blogs have benefits. But I think there is much possible with a broad blog too if articles and categories are proper interlinked for example.

  2. Yes sure I make no secret out of it….

    $4.28 July 2013 Ad Impressions: 3,053 / Total Views: 7,639
    $5.33 August 2013 Ad Impressions: 3,515 / Total Views: 8,853
    $10.76 September 2013 Ad Impressions: 6,052 / Total Views: 13,015
    $22.58 October 2013 Ad Impressions: 10,386 / Total Views: 22,621
    $48.22 November 2013 Ad Impressions: 23,281 / Total Views: 54,572
    $42.09 December 2013 Ad Impressions: 20,947 / Total Views: 43,278

    Looks like my earnings and ad impressions did settle down at round about 40$ last months as this actuall month here will have the same traffic. Since WordAds does pay out if you reach 100$, that means that I can pay out every 3 months now. My first payment of $133.27 is alreay in queue which means it will arrive soon and that is cool. I mean this blog here is really just something like a fun project or my personal diary. Good get a few dollars with it.

    Are the earnings good? I am not sure. I think “good” is a matter of definition. I really would be happy if my blog would payout 100$ each month. But I guess I am on a good way to this direction since I write a lot and I dont plan to stop. But also the 40$ each month at the moment are ok. Better then nothing and again… we talk about my personal diary or so here. Good to get 40 dollar out of it each month.

    Conclusion: I am pretty happy with WordAds at the moment. It´s the Ad Provider we are allowed to use on wordpress.com blogs and it´s nice to get a few dollars back with this service. If I go over to self hosting anytime, then I would probably use Adsense and I guess I could get more out of Adsense. But as said… WordAds is not too bad. I am really not unlucky. Hope my info helped you to make a decision. 🙂

    1. I am sure you will reach $100 a month soon!
      I think Broad Blog like yours may be in fact better than Niche blog in terms of number of viewers, which is good for Wordads (since Wordads does not require clicks).
      Good luck!

      1. $100 would be great and a nice little reward but I do think too that this will gonna happen as I didn´t plan to stop blogging at the moment. 🙂

        I agree with you… It´s possible to get a lot of traffic with a general blog due to the fact that you can just write about anything. Right, pay per click or affiliate would work much better with a niche blog, while pay per impression really is nice for a general blog. You made a good point.

  3. I have always battled with this dilemma….to go broad or to focus on one topic. I think I’ve finally decided to separate my interests. I don’t think my internet marketing readers like to see automotive write-ups when they come to my site.

    1. Agree. It´s a dilemma. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages. At the end, we as the blog owners must decide. Even if I hold my blog broad, I sometimes have the same thoughts than you… people maybe aren´t interested in all the content I write about. Some said, it is ok as they can skip topics they dislike, while others maybe are annoyed by the mixed content. It´s difficult.

  4. I am still asking myself what is best, going broad or niche? I have blogged daily for more than a year now in a general blog with a trend on Internet Marketing and I had fun doing so. I started earlier a niche blog and was quite a bit stressed on the limitation. So, I do both now and the traffic is quite similar to both of them. Thank you for your article Dennis.

    1. I guess many people know this problem. It is really much more fun to write on a broad blog. But with my experience a broad blog attracts mainly organic search traffic and less traffic caused my loyal followers. The niche blog allows the opposite as the topics are highly targeted to a particular audience.

      Both variants have many advantaged and disadvantages that it´s hard to mention all. As you said… writing in a niche, feels like if you would permanently run into topic limitations. That´s what I felt too. As others said… it´s a dilemma to decide. At the end you must find out what works best for you. Great that you found a way that works for you. I think we should also consider that it is not only about the readers but also about us and how we want to blog.

      Good luck with your projects Michel.

  5. Excellent post, I run a broad blog as well. Everyday i have to ask myself “is this the best choice”, mainly because everyone is shouting niche blog niche blog niche blog, after reading this post i can put that to bed. This post puts the mind at ease, that broad blogs do just as well as a niche blog.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. There are indeed also some drawbacks with a broad blog, for example that it is more difficult to get loyal followers, but that is due to the fact that a broad blog has too much topics and it can put some people off, who only want to read about a certain subject.

      But everything has benefits and drawbacks, even a niche blog has drawbacks. At the end it depends on you and you are right, not on the people who say “niche blog, niche blog is the only way to go”. It´s bla bla bla. I´ve seen broader blogs that get much more traffic than most of the niche blogs. There is no formula. I´d say it depends much more on the content creator, on the publisher and how excited he or she is about blogging. If your broad blog is your thing, if it´s a fun factor for you, it will work out well. 🙂

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