My WordAds Review

It´s some time ago when the people introduces WordAds. They talked about WordAds first time in November 2011 and I reblogged the news at that time. WordAds is a program that allows bloggers of the community to earn some money. This works on the way that they can enable ads on your blog and you will be paid by cost per impression (CPI) or in other words, the more people visit your blog the more you can earn. Now some people would say that they don´t want ads on their blog but the reality is that there are … Continue reading My WordAds Review

Writing in a Niche or Broad Blog?

The WordAds blog did write about niche and broad blogs and they say that both variants can work when we talk about blog traffic, readers and so. They do come to the conclusion “Ultimately, you should write about what you want to write about.” and I think that is so true as simple as it sounds. My regular readers know that my blog is not a niche blog and that my blog (which I really called my diary) is broader and about various subjects in my interest. I noticed that my traffic comes mainly from search engines and fewer by … Continue reading Writing in a Niche or Broad Blog?