Lovely Yellow Flower

Pretty Yellow Flower

I found the photo above in my folders. I took the photo a few months ago when it was still warm. Not sure, why I didn´t upload the photo earlier. I guess because I have so many photos. It´s not possible to upload them all immediately. I really take a lot of photos with my smart phone.

It´s fun but it really results in a massive amount of photos and I don´t really want to spam them all out at once. Back to the image, I do really like the yellow flower. Too sad that I do not know much about flower names. Do you maybe know the name of the flower on the photo?

I found the flower by the way in front of the apartments where I live. We have a great gardener who is very friendly and I often talk with him. Maybe I should ask him for the name of the flower. His flower arrangements near the apartments are very beautiful. Very eye candy each summer.

I noticed that I uploaded already a few yellow flower photos. All colours together there are even more flower photos on my blog.

4 thoughts on “Lovely Yellow Flower

    1. Hi Franni. 🙂 I thought about that too. The flower seems to be a little bit similar. But I am not sure. Maybe it is some kind of a different sunflower? Dont know 🙂

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