Tasty Vietnamese Fried Noodles

Something really bad happened (I’m just kidding). There is a new Vietnamese fast food restaurant in my neighborhood, that’s why I said something bad happened. Why bad? Well, I love asian dishes except the dishes that contain fish, but most of the asian fast food restaurants were that far away that the temptation was usually not too big to visit them regularly and I usually forget that they have a delivery service. But since there is a new Vietnamese restaurant just 400 meters away from me, it’s a problem, because now it just takes a small walk to get into … Continue reading Tasty Vietnamese Fried Noodles

I Invited My Mother And Her Husband To The Asia Restaurant

The husband of my mother had birthday some days ago and I wanted to buy a gift yesterday until I got the idea to invite him and my mother to an asia restaurant as I thought it would have much more value to spend time together. I came up with the idea to visit a greek restaurant but the husband of my mother said that he did eat greek food a few days ago. I said that it is up to him as it is primary his birthday gift. There are several possibilities and I asked if they would like … Continue reading I Invited My Mother And Her Husband To The Asia Restaurant

Asia Fastfood.. hmm tasty :)

Last Friday we drove to a shopping mile in Lübeck and we all were a little bit hungry. We saw a small asian takeaway and decided to buy something. I must mention that I am a really big fan of asia style food. My mom and her husband not so but they were suprised how tasty it was. We bought tasty noodles with chicken and spicy sauce. I always do eat with sticks if I eat asian stuff. I dont even eat slow with sticks because I am experienced hehe. In fact I was faster then my mother and her … Continue reading Asia Fastfood.. hmm tasty 🙂