I made this stuff decades ago when I came to school…

What I made when I came to school

It´s sometimes funny if you or a family member goes through old things. Some days ago when I visited my mother, she showed me a lot of stuff that she couldn´t throw away as she said. She said that I made funny things when I came to school with eight years or so. She opened a folder and started to show me some stuff that I made back then.

I had to laugh about this funny black paper cat that I made and to be honest, I can´t even remember that I made this…

Funny Paper Cat

This is Charly. The one-armed thing made me laugh too but I am still not sure what it is…

The one-armed thing

This is obviously a sun, maybe not the most beautiful sun, but well, it´s a sun…

A paper sun

It´s funny that my mother has still lots of stuff from my childhood and we laughed a lot when we went through the things in her folders. I did need some time to remember that I really made all the things she showed me.

4 thoughts on “I made this stuff decades ago when I came to school…

    1. Haha, yes, it was really funny when my mother came up with the stuff. It´s funny to get things told about your own childhood 😀

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