The Apple Tree Story

Today I want to tell you a short story from my childhood. I can get inspired by a lot of things. Today I got inspiration by a friend on the gaming platform Steam. She wrote me a chat message and apart from other things she chatted also about the meaning of different first names. She for example mentioned that there is a similar one as my name Dennis. It´s a Turkish name that is written Deniz. Dennis is the english variant of the greek name Dionys and Dionysius. But she told me that the Turkish name Deniz would mean “He … Continue reading The Apple Tree Story

I made this stuff decades ago when I came to school…

It´s sometimes funny if you or a family member goes through old things. Some days ago when I visited my mother, she showed me a lot of stuff that she couldn´t throw away as she said. She said that I made funny things when I came to school with eight years or so. She opened a folder and started to show me some stuff that I made back then. I had to laugh about this funny black paper cat that I made and to be honest, I can´t even remember that I made this… This is Charly. The one-armed thing … Continue reading I made this stuff decades ago when I came to school…

Daily Prompt: The Transporter

The Daily Prompt says “Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.” And I must say, the first thing which came into my mind was a sniff of sea air. I mean the sniff of a particular air of the river in Salem. My grandma and grandpa had and still have a their caravan on the campsite there. I did spend a lot of time there in my childhood and teenage. In holidays we did stay there for many weeks and apart from that usually all weekends … Continue reading Daily Prompt: The Transporter

Daily Prompt: Prized Possession

The Daily Promt asks: “Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a child. What became of it?”. Well,… My answer is… I can remember many items I liked in my childhood but there is one particular item or product which helped me to overcome boredom if my friends didn´t have time to play soccer outside with me or if the days were too rainy or cold. It was the Amiga Computer. The Amiga was pretty famous in that time before the PC became more successful. I sold my Amiga someday because I got a PC as well. But … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Prized Possession

The Kids of my Uncle are the Creators of this funny Snowmen

I saw the kids of my uncle while they created this funny snowmen. I had to take a photo of the result. It´s fun to see kids while creating a snowmen because it reminds me to my own childhood and how uncomplicated the life appeared to me at that time. However… I also saw that they did build an igloo, an pretty pretty small igloo. I rather would say tiny igloo. I asked why the igloo is so small and they said “Dennis, you know all the rabbits hear in our neighborhood, and then you should understand they need a … Continue reading The Kids of my Uncle are the Creators of this funny Snowmen