Rest In Peace Billy

Billy 1

Bad news, Billy the dog of my mother and her husband died today. He became 16 years old, almost 17 years old, he reached a proud age. He got more and more health problems over the last two years. Over the last weeks he looked very tired, and today I got a phone call and my mother said that they would bring him to the vet now, as he was not able to walk on his own legs anymore since today.

Later I got another phone call, my mother told me that he had serious problems to breathe in the car and fell asleep, on the way to the vet. I guess the vet would have put him to sleep anyway, but Billy decided to go before that could happen, he fell asleep.

Billy is now in the dog heaven, but we all have good memories of him. I remember when I still lived at my mother’s home, that is a long time ago but I did cuddle a lot with him. Later when I moved into my own apartment, I sometimes had to take care of him when my mother and her husband visited the family in another federal state, then I had him at my apartment for whole weekends. I remember going outside with him, I remember that he liked to watch TV with me at the couch, I remember that he enjoyed it if I scratched his ears.

He was a really cuddly dog, not the kind of dog that liked to run behind balls, but he enjoyed to go outside, especially our new garden, it’s good that he could experience the relaxing garden too. Rest in peace Billy, we will miss you, it’s sad you had to go, but we will remember you.


15 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Billy

    1. Yea, that is a lot, 16 years… Billy knew me when I was young and still partying hard. I was 17 back then, he basically saw me become adult. He even knew Corry for two or three years, our other dog… Corry died three years after we got Billy, that did hit him hard too, it was noticeable back then.

      Yes, compared to Corry, Billy was more affectionate, and Corry, she was more an athletic dog. I still remember when they both slept in the same basked in the evening, they liked each other much 🙂

      Time flies. Yes, we will miss Billy too.

  1. I am so sorry for your loss, he looked so cute and it sounds like you and your family gave him a great life Xx

  2. You have given him a wonderful good-bye with this post. You honored his life, his personality and what he was able to give all of you over the years. He will rest in peace. I am sorry for your mom and for you.

  3. Our little dog — who looks a lot like your mom’s little dog — has a date with destiny next week. We are very sad … and we understand. Condolences to all. It is a very difficult thing, even when it’s time.

    1. That’s very sad Marilyn, I still remember the day over a decade ago when we had to put our other dog Corry to sleep, it was so hard but had to be done. It’s really difficult, I feel with you too.

    1. That’s sad Trisha, I can imagine how you still miss your dog… I lost one a decade ago, and now Mom’s dog is away too… pets are family members, and when they go, it hurts a lot.

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