Something You Need To Know, Cats Don’t Say No To Destruction

If you think cats dislike destruction, you are wrong. It is one of the very first lessons I had to learn when I got a cat. I found this video that shows perfectly what cats think about a “No, don’t do that!”. It made me laugh hard, if you want to laugh too, watch the video…

4 thoughts on “Something You Need To Know, Cats Don’t Say No To Destruction

  1. That was so funny. The cats expression, you could almost see it thinking. “You can’t tell me what to do.” Polly likes to knock things off my desk, usually pens and other small objects. Thank goodness she has never tried it with a coffee cup.

    1. Haha, yea, that’s what I thought too. You definitely see this cat thinking. Shyna does the same as Polly, she likes to knock down pens or anything paper from the tables too and that is ok. But once she also sat on one of my shelfs on the wall and looked at me, and intentionally knocked down a small chinese dragon sculpture that I liked pretty much. I had to buy a new sculpture 😀 She definitely did some bad things too, but then I became loud and she understood that this was wrong. I believe some cats don’t get the “strange human logic”, why would you allow to knock down pens, but not a dragon sculptures or something else? 😀 The cat in the video could also have thought “You laughed when I knocked down the remote, let’s see if you still laugh if I knock down a glass” 😀

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