Charlie The New Family Member

Here is something I didn’t write about yet as I was quite lazy in the past. As I mentioned previously. Billy went to the dog heaven, but my mother and her husband decided not to get a new dog right away, but then they noticed that it’s so different without a dog and decided to start searching for a new one anyway.

They finally found one, he is already two years old and the previous owners didn’t have time anymore, they wanted to find a new family for their dog. My mother and her husband met them and while drinking a coffee with the friendly family, they noticed that the dog is very outgoing and used to humans, in the conversation it turned out that the dog was forwarded several times. Although the last family was very friendly, it’s still questionable why people decide to get a dog when they later find out that they have no time anymore.

The people decided that my mother and her husband would be a good fit for the dog, they didn’t even want to make money, they just wanted to find a good new home for the dog, which is at least something you can esteem. The previous name of the dog was T-Jay, however, there is already a dog with the similar sounding name D-Jay in the same street where my mother does live, not only that, they also disliked the name and wanted to give the dog a new name. The new family member does now have the name “Charlie” and as they own the dog already since two weeks, he is already used to the new name.

To my surprise, Charlie is indeed very outgoing, he is playful and doesn’t look as if the forwarding was stressful, he looks like a very happy dog. One thing is sure, he will have it good with my mother and her husband, he won’t get forwarded another time as they are sure that they can’t live without a dog. So, meet Charlie, the new family member…

8 thoughts on “Charlie The New Family Member

  1. Charlie looks like a very happy outgoing dog. It is hard to understand how people suddenly feel they have “no time” for their pet. I think it is another way of saying that they have grown bored with it. At least these people wanted to find the dog a good home and they chose well I think as your mother sounds as if she has a good understanding of what dogs need. They won’t forget Billy of course but having another dog will help fill the gap he left in their lives.

    1. My mother was very unsure about this family too, she said to me “I mean, they were really friendly people and gave us a coffee and we had a nice talk for an hour on their balcony…” but she continued that she can not understand either how people can say that they have no time for the dog anymore. I don’t know, it’s as if some people can not imagine that any pet does of course also need your time… a new job is no excuse, I know quite a lot of people with pets and jobs (laugh), the dogs get a long run before work, and some more times after the work… it’s as with us humans, you can train a bladder and a bowel. You are right, I rather think that people get either bored of the pet, or they can not live with the fact that they have to go out with the dog before and after the work, but it’s strange that so many people realize this too late.

      But yea, at least in this case they did put some energy into the search for a new home, they mentioned that there was another woman that was no good fit for the dog, but they were happy about my mother and her husband and could give the dog away, although my mother told me that this woman cried about her decision, maybe it was not even her decision but the decision of her husband, which would be another strange subject (laugh).

  2. What a cute little guy! People get dogs and cats and other pets without thinking about the future at all. It’s one of the many things that are wrong with pet stores, that they encourage impulse buying of pets that need a lifetime (theirs) commitment. I’ve given up trying to explain to people that you don’t get a pet on a whim, that you have to be willing to make a long term commitment. Yes, life can hit unexpected snags. People die too. Jobs and homes can be lost, leaving pets and people without a place to live. But short of those things, much of the future can be reasonably planned for. If you want to plan, of course. Congratulations to both people and pet. Sounds like a win-win all around.

    1. You make a lot of good points, I definitely agree that there could come up some reasons that would totally justify to give a pet away, you mentioned one like death, or severe diseases where the holder can not take care anymore, in these cases a new pet home will be needed, or as you mentioned when the own existence is threatened (homeless)…. that all would justify it of course…

      But in the majority of cases people sell because, as you said, they didn’t expect that getting a pet means commitment, and then they do sell the pet like something materialistic, like an object. I remember that I see those stories come up in the newspaper when there is Christmas, people buy pets for the kids without thinking about the future. Last christmas we had for example over 900 cats in our local shelters (it’s just a town with around 240k citizen) , that’s horrible sad, because they contacted the newspaper and wrote that they have a hard time to find homes for the amount of pets.
      As you said it, the pet stores carry fault too, but also the breeders of pets, there is not enough serious demand to breed like crazy, but breeders try to make money.

      For Charlie it turned out well, I know that my mother and her husband are very committed, they gave Billy a good home until he died, now they gave Charlie a new home 🙂 He definitely is cute and funny, and so playful!


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